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Art: Marita Vollborn - Provocative, classic, digital.

Copyright: Marita Vollborn, ZEITGEIST91 Collection
Copyright: Marita Vollborn, ZEITGEIST91 Collection

Marita Vollborn is a German artist and publisher who created a remarkable collection of sculptures entitled “Sinn und Scherben® (Sense and Shards). “Sinn und Scherben”® consists of 50 clay and bronze sculptures that represent different aspects of human nature, such as pain, joy, courage and love. Her sculptures are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also convey messages and meanings that challenge the viewer to reflect on their own lives and society.

Vollborn recently converted some of her sculptures into NFT digital artworks, which are exclusive and rare works of art that can be collected and traded on the blockchain. Vollborn's NFT artworks are based on photographs of her sculptures, which she has digitally enhanced and manipulated to create unique works of art. It has also added animations, music, and sound effects to some of its NFTs to give collectors an even more immersive and interactive experience. By converting her sculptures into NFTs, Vollborn not only reaches a wider audience and shares her vision and passion with the world, but also ensures that her artworks are exclusive and rare as each NFT has a limited edition and verified ownership.

The ZEITGEIST91 project (

Since 2021, it has been offering a digital NFT image collection from the first decade of German reunification as the ZEITGEIST91 project. The pictures show scenes from everyday life, politics, culture and history in Germany between 1991 and 2001. With this project she wants to keep the memory of this time alive and make an artistic contribution to German identity.

ZEITGEIST91 is a unique NFT edition that combines blockchain technology with real-world art. The images are based on original photos and sculptures by Marita Vollborn, which capture the spirit of the 1990s in Germany. The NFTs are minted on the Ethereum network and can be purchased on platforms such as OpenSea or Rarible. Some examples of the images are:

- **The Wall** - A photo of a piece of the Berlin Wall that was demolished in 1989, symbolizing the end of the Cold War and the beginning of a new era.

- **The Federal Chancellor** - A photo of Helmut Kohl, Germany's longest-serving Chancellor, who played a key role in the reunification process and the integration of Europe.

– **The Artist** – A photo of Marita Vollborn herself posing with one of her paper clay and bronze sculptures.

For more information about ZEITGEIST91, visit their official website (

Marita Vollborn was born in Erfurt in 1965. She studied agronomy at the Humboldt University in Berlin and journalism at the Hanover University of Music, Theater and Media. She also works as a freelance science and business journalist for various media such as Focus, Spiegel Online and Deutschlandradio. She has written several books on topics such as nanobiotechnology, health, consumption and the food industry.

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